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The mixing and filling device for formaldehyde is mounted inside a cupboard.

The mixing and filling device consists of a mixing and filling unit and a computer. It is operated by a user-friendly computer program running under Windows. By means of a 15” touch screen mounted inside the front door af the cupboard all functions can be controlled.

The mixing and filling device is used to mix and dissolve formaldehyde and a buffer solution, with water according to an adjustable ratio. This is done in a reservoir of 7 litres which is mounted on a scale. After the correct dilution is reached, it is pumped over in buffer tank out of which the several tap points are supplied. The reservoir is continuously filled and as such possible idle time is history.

When changing a parameter such as a different basic concentration of formaldehyde, the missing components in the dilution are automatically added. You can also program containers with different volumes and use basic concentrations with different predilutions.

The desired mixing ratio is given in weight percentage and is obtained through weight regulation. For this you need to enter the specific weight of the concentrates. The mixing and filling device continuously calculates the present concentration in the mixing reservoir. You can change the entered values of the concentrates, even when the mixing reservoir is not yet empty.
If you alter a parameter, the lacking components are automatically adjusted. You can also use storage containers with different volumes and concentrates with different predilutions.

Control functions

- During the filling and the emptying, the pumps and pipes are checked for breakdown or failure.
- The safety switch, which is situated in the cover of the mixing reservoir, makes sure that the reservoir can only be filled to a certain volume. Should this volume be exceeded, the safety switch disconnects the flow of liquid.
- When there is a leak, the safety switch - which is situated at the bottom of the mixing and filling device - disconnects the pumps.
- In case of a leak, the formaldehyde is drained towards an emergency drain.
- When servicing the unit, the remaining formaldehyde can be collected inside a container or can be drained towards the emergency drain.

Optional Concentration Analyzer

The unit is equipped with an in line concentration analyzer by means of a density measuring. It registers the density and gives an alarm signal in case the value is out of the tolerance. The automatic mixing is then stopped and a manual intervention is needed.
The values of the measurements are saved in a log file which can be consulted at any time.
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[Brochure] BR PP30-0100 EN MF4

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