autopsy table at2 (pp60-0020)

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Propath autopsy tables are known for their great stability and robustness. Through the years, they have shown to be very reliable. The model AT2 has a ergonomic design and the height adjustment feature is a hot topic today. A powerfull motor ensures lifting of corpses up to 250kg and still ensuring a very stable worktop. By opting for a downdraft ventilation, the risk of inhaling vapours is reduced to the maximum. The table is equipped with 3 thermostat water batteries, 2 spray hoses, sprinkler system and much more. Look also at our mobile dissecting and demonstration units. Model DOT2 is a perfect stable table for dissecting the organs beside the autopsy table
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[Brochure] BR PP60-0020 EN AT2

height adjustable autopsy table AT2